My Notebook

My notebook encompasses previously completed projects such as blog posts, white papers, social media marketing, email marketing, newsletters, and web copy.

Of course, some of this work can be posted publicly…and some can’t. Please get in touch with me if you’re interested in discussing a particular project but can’t seem to find samples of what you’re looking for here.

Blog Posts

I’ve written a number of blog posts on marketing, arts education and software selection, primarily published onĀ TicketPeak and Ticketing Today. This is just a small sampling of my published articles.

E-Books & White Papers

My work has been turned into e-books to educate consumers and organizations, aid lead conversion and help land sales. You can find some of this work here.

Web Copy

I’m all about ensuring that your company’s branding and message are clear, concise and reflective of the overall team culture. I work alongside my clients to thoroughly understand their businesses, company mission and values, and then craft content that perfectly speaks their truth and resonates with their target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plays a vital role in the content strategies of many companies and organizations. Facebook page set-up, creating a multi-platform content strategy, short-term social post creation, or long-term social media management? I do it all.