Blog Posts

I’ve written a number of blog posts on marketing, arts education and software selection, primarily published on TicketPeak and Ticketing Today. This is just a small sampling of my published articles.

Selecting a Ticketing System

Here are three lessons that ice-cream taste-testers Lily and Darien can teach us about selecting a ticketing system. Click here to read this blog post.

Venue Ticket Sales Strategies

Incorporating inbound marketing tactics into major venues’ ticket sales strategies is necessary in order to reach target audiences, generate leads and boost sales. Click here to read this blog post.

Marketing to Millennials

In order to successfully adapt marketing strategies to attract millennials, one must first understand what motivates their purchasing behaviours. Click here to read this blog post.

How Do Community Theatres Define Success?

What does success look like for community theatre companies? This opinion piece advocates for a more multi-dimensional definition of success. Click here to read this blog post.